Please be advised that the

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

has announced a new initiative called

Confident Kentucky

regarding significant changes

to all Kentucky driver’s licenses and ID cards in 2019.

For more information, visit drive.ky.gov/confidentky

or click here.

The Jefferson County Office of the Circuit Court Clerk (OCCC) serves as the custodian of all court records of District, Circuit and Family courts, as well as the repository of fees, fines and court costs in the county. In addition to these primary responsibilities to the court, our office also issues Kentucky driver’s licenses and identification cards in partnership with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Kentucky State Police.

The staff is comprised of 327 deputy clerks who carry out the daily responsibilities of our office. Deputy clerks are sworn officers of the court and work in four major divisions: District Court, Circuit Court, Family Court and Driver’s License.

These divisions are located in the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice, the Jefferson County Judicial Center and the six driver’s license branches throughout Jefferson County. Deputy clerks also work in Archives & Records in the Old Jef­ferson County Jail Building.

With 40 elected trial court judges, the Jef­ferson County OCCC serves the largest jurisdiction in Ken­tucky’s unified court system and its only true urban court system. The majority of court operations are conducted at two facilities in downtown Louisville: the Hall of Justice, at 600 W. Jefferson St., and the Jefferson County Judicial Center, at 700 W. Jefferson St.

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Justice for All: Jefferson County Trial Court System

Office of the Circuit Court Clerk
Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice
600 W. Jefferson St., Suite 2008
Louisville, KY 40202
8:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday