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Mask Protocols for Jefferson Courts

For COVID Mask Protocols for Jefferson County Court Facilities, effective March 8, 2022, click HERE


For more information about COVID-19 and the Kentucky Courts, visit the Kentucky Court of Justice website at

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Contact-Less/Remote Services

The following is a list of the contact-less services that are available online or via phone to eliminate an in-person visit to our office:

Prepayable Traffic Citations and Court Fines/Fees: You can pay certain court fines and fees (e.g.: prepayable traffic citations) online using the Kentucky Court of Justice’s secure ePay service — — or by phone at (866) 396-1751. Please be advised that you must make a full payment at least 3 business days before your first scheduled court date.

eFiling: Attorneys have the ability to file court documents online via eFiling without having to make a trip to a courthouse for civil and criminal cases in Circuit Court and District Court. Attorneys must complete training and become certified before they are able to file cases electronically in Kentucky. The Administrative Office of the Courts provides online opportunities for attorneys to complete eFiling training and certification. For more information on eFiling, click here —

Dropboxes: To make a filing in a pending case in Circuit or District Court, you may drop off your filing or paperwork at either of two dropboxes, located inside the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice and the Jefferson County Judicial Center during regular office hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The dropboxes are checked every hour, and security is provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

Docket, Motion Hours, Etc.: Important information on Trial Dockets, Motion Hours, Criminal Background Checks, Expungements and more is also available online at —

Websites for Jefferson Courts (Judges, Dockets, Remote Court Info/Links, Jury Service, Resources, COVD-19 Updates)

Jefferson District Court

Jefferson Circuit Court

Jefferson Family Court

The Jefferson County Office of the Circuit Court Clerk (OCCC) serves as the custodian of all court records of District, Circuit and Family courts, as well as the repository of fees, fines and court costs in the county.

The staff is comprised of 293 Deputy Clerks who carry out the daily responsibilities of our office. Deputy Clerks are sworn officers of the court and most work in three major court divisions: Circuit Court, Family Court and District Court.

The Jef­ferson County OCCC serves the largest jurisdiction (40 elected trial court judges) in Ken­tucky’s unified court system and its only true urban court system, operating 24 x 7 x 365. Court operations are conducted at two facilities in downtown Louisville: the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice, 600 W. Jefferson St., and the Jefferson County Judicial Center, 700 W. Jefferson St. Deputy Clerks also work in Archives & Records in the Old Jef­ferson County Jail Building, 514 W. Liberty St.

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Office of the Circuit Court Clerk
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