Hall of Justice, 2nd Floor, Room 2018

Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

(502) 595-4018

The Accounting Department records the financial transactions of the organization. This includes all bookkeeping and monthly reporting. The Accounting Department also processes all funds transferred out, maintains all financial information and stores the accounting records. This department also provides general support to other departments regarding cash registers and other accounting-related problems. All departments receive their deposit slips, manual receipts and deposit bags from Accounting.

The following are some of the major functions provided by the Accounting Department:

Restitution payments

For Circuit Court restitution information, contact the Circuit Criminal Division at (502) 595-3009. For District Court restitution information, please contact the County Attorney’s Office at (502) 574-6336.

Bail bonds

The Accounting Department houses bond cards and refunds bail money back to the surety or defendant when ordered by the court. All calls needing bail bond information should be directed to the court where the bond was posted. Case numbers will be transferred as follows::

  • Circuit Court cases containing CR: 502-595-3009
  • District Court cases containing T, M, F: 502-595-4428
  • Juvenile Court cases containing J, FJ, N: 502-595- 3116
  • Family Court cases containing FC, FV, F, PA: 502-595-3025

 Jury Checks

This department issues and mails checks to individuals who perform jury duty. 

Returned/NSF checks

The Accounting Department receives returned/Non-sufficient funds (NSF) checks and returns the check to the appropriate department for collection. This department handles only returned checks given to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for payments such as fines, filing fees, etc. All calls needing information on processing returned checks to businesses or individuals should be directed to the County Attorney’s Office at (502) 574-6336.

Money paid into court

Funds cannot be disbursed by Accounting until ordered by the appropriate court. All calls should be directed to the office where the case is filed.

Forms of Payment

  • Cash
  • Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders are accepted. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Credit cards (There is a $2 convenience fee for using a credit card.)
  • Debit cards (There is a $2 convenience fee for using a debit card.)

ATMs are located on all OCCC premises. These are owned by a private company, and OCCC has no participation in their use or operation. Any fees that are charged go directly to the ATM owner.